About Heartware by Peace City

 Heartware helps people to reach their goals in life


Your computer runs on software …

Your life runs on  heartware!

A computer works with software. Your brain is similar in many ways. Learning in childhood is like programming a computer. If you want new results you can program yourself to reach your goals faster. You can do this while you relax, even while you sleep.

People are of course much more complex than a computer. If you want to reprogram yourself, everything in that area of your life has to be re-written. This includes body, mind and spirit. We call this “human software” or “heartware”.

The founder of Peace City, Samy Montechristo, developed Heartware while getting ready to set a world record. The program empowers you to create your most fulfilling love life, the most rewarding career, the highest level of security for your families and the most mutually supportive relationships.